GR and GKS support a variety of fonts, identified by an index or a constant, e.g. 101 or gr.FONT_TIMES_ROMAN. Depending on the workstation type, these fonts will either be rendered natively or using FreeType.

The following table lists the supported fonts:

Index Name  
101 Times Roman font_times_roman
102 Times Italic font_times_italic
103 Times Bold font_times_bold
104 Times Bold Italic font_times_bold_italic
105 Helvetica font_helvetica
106 Helvetica Oblique font_helvetica_oblique
107 Helvetica Bold font_helvetica_bold
108 Helvetica Bold Oblique font_helvetica_bold_oblique
109 Courier font_courier
110 Courier Oblique font_courier_oblique
111 Courier Bold font_courier_bold
112 Courier Bold Oblique font_courier_bold_oblique
113 Symbol font_symbol
114 Bookman Light font_bookman_light
115 Bookman Light Italic font_bookman_light_italic
116 Bookman Demi font_bookman_demi
117 Bookman Demi Italic font_bookman_demi_italic
118 New Century Schoolbook Roman font_new_century_schoolbook_roman
119 New Century Schoolbook Italic font_new_century_schoolbook_italic
120 New Century Schoolbook Bold font_new_century_schoolbook_bold
121 New Century Schoolbook Bold Italic font_new_century_schoolbook_bold_italic
122 Avantgarde Book font_avantgarde_book
123 Avantgarde Book Oblique font_avantgarde_book_oblique
124 Avantgarde Demi font_avantgarde_demi
125 Avantgarde Demi Oblique font_avantgarde_demi_oblique
126 Palatino Roman font_palatino_roman
127 Palatino Italic font_palatino_italic
128 Palatino Bold font_palatino_bold
129 Palatino Bold Italic font_palatino_bold_italic
130 Zapf Chancery Medium Italic font_zapf_chancery_medium_italic
131 Zapf Dingbats font_zapf_dingbats