The main development has been done by Josef Heinen who currently maintains the software. There is a number of active developers - special thanks to Florian Rhiem and Christian Felder who have made valuable contributions. Major contributors include the following (in alphabetical order):

Fabian Beule

implemented the GR3 surface function

Georg Brandl

made several contributions to qtgr and the script

Malte Deckers

implemented an interpolation function

Marcel Dück

wrote the Java code and the iGR iOS App

Christian Felder

provided the qtgr module, the script and the GKS iOS App. As part of a collaboration the GR framework has been integrated into NICOS (a network-based control system completely written in Python) as a replacement for PyQwt.

Marvin Goblet

developed the initial GKSTerm implementation

Ingo Meyer

implemented the GKS wxWidgets plugin

Maximilian Heuwes

implemented the GRM wrapper for Python 3 and added imshow & isosurface to the GRM

Daniel Kaiser

developed the Swift binding and improved the HTML5 stuff

Philip Klinkhammer

implemented the GKS PGF device driver

David Knodt

wrote the video converter routines

Robert Nesselrath

provided the glgr application

Florian Rhiem

designed and implemented GR3

Jonas Ritz

developed a software-renderer for GR3

Elmar Westphal

wrote the gr_textex routine

Jörg Winkler

implemented the GKS OpenGL device driver