Source code for grm.interaction

This module provides functions to combine gui and graphs.

from ctypes import c_int, c_void_p
from ctypes import byref, POINTER

from typing import Tuple

from gr import _require_runtime_version, _RUNTIME_VERSION

from . import _grm, args

_c_int_p = POINTER(c_int)

[docs]@_require_runtime_version(0, 47, 0) def input(args_container: args._ArgumentContainer) -> int: """ Perform specific actions based on user interaction with the gui. All coordinates are integers and workstation coordinates It supports the following operation modes with the arguments needed: reset_ranges: * ``x`` mouse cursor x * ``y`` mouse cursor y * ``key`` the pressed key, f.e. 'r' for the right button zoom: * ``x`` start point x * ``y`` start point y * one of: - ``angle_delta``: mouse wheel rotation angle in eights of a degree - ``factor``: zoom factor box zoom (Zooms the subplot to the selection made): * ``x1``: fixed corner x * ``y1``: fixed corner y * ``x2``: other corner x * ``y2``: other corner y * ``keep_aspect_ratio``: if 1, the aspect ratio of the window is preserved pan: * ``x``: start point x * ``y``: start point y * ``xshift``: shift in x direction * ``yshift``: shift in y direction :param args_container: The container with one of the data sets described above set. :raises TypeError: if args_container is not a valid :class:`grm.args._ArgumentContainer` """ if not isinstance(args_container, args._ArgumentContainer): raise TypeError("args_container must be an ArgumentContainer!") return _grm.grm_input(args_container.ptr)
[docs]@_require_runtime_version(0, 47, 0) def get_box(x1: int, y1: int, x2: int, y2: int, keep_aspect_ratio: bool) -> Tuple[int, int, int, int]: """ Translate a x1, y1, x2, y2 in workstation coordinates into a box. :raises TypeError: if the arguments have invalid types. :raises ValueError: if the c call failed. """ if not isinstance(x1, int) or not isinstance(y1, int) or not isinstance(x2, int) or not isinstance(y2, int): raise TypeError("x1, x2, y1 and y2 is not an int") if not isinstance(keep_aspect_ratio, bool): raise TypeError("keep_aspect_ratio must be a bool") x = c_int() y = c_int() w = c_int() h = c_int() retval = _grm.grm_get_box( c_int(x1), c_int(y1), c_int(x2), c_int(y2), c_int(1 if keep_aspect_ratio else 0), byref(x), byref(y), byref(w), byref(h), ) if retval == 0: raise ValueError("Was not able to execute grm_get_box!") return (x.value, y.value, w.value, h.value)
if _RUNTIME_VERSION >= (0, 47, 0, 0): _grm.grm_input.argtypes = [c_void_p] _grm.grm_input.restype = c_int _grm.grm_get_box.argtypes = [c_int, c_int, c_int, c_int, c_int, _c_int_p, _c_int_p, _c_int_p, _c_int_p] _grm.grm_get_box.restype = c_int __all__ = ["input", "get_box"]